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Reggae Artist (or Musician), Wayne "Daddy Roots" Alex Brooks, was born in 1977 in North Valley, Anguilla, B.W.I., the youngest of 17 children. He also performed under the name ZKingofhearts in 2005-2006.


Early Career: 


Wayne Brooks started out at the age of 11 with the WILD OUTS as their singer and percussionist performing everywhere they can in their little island. The band was made up of teenagers ranging in ages from 11-13 and they were known for their highly energetic soca shows. He got the name Roots from his short dread hair 

sticking out like little roots and his wanting to be called "Daddy".


Wayne later went on to form "RED", a reggae band, where the name was derived from his famous red cane held high as he came on stage and his voice commanding the attention of everyone. At this point, Wayne had incorporated some soca high 

energy style with his cool reggae vibes and his live performances became the talk of the town. He started opening for bands like Tony Rebel, Freddie McGregor, Third World and Mutubaruka whenever they come to town and performing at the Moonsplash Reggae Festival hosted at the Dunes by Bankie Banx.


As RED disbanded Wayne started another band called Daddy Roots and The 

Reggae Groovers and this band also became a success with tourists and locals alike who encouraged him to venture abroad. At this point it was time to travel 

outside of Anguilla and with some contacts in the US Daddy Roots began his first US tour in 2002. 


The Traveller:


After the success of his 2002 tour, Daddy Roots started getting call backs from 

promoters and venue owners and he repeated his first tour circuit and started adding colleges to his stops for 2003 and onwards. Since then he has the opportunity to perform outside of the USA at the PANAFEST in Africa, Europe, Asia and Canada. 


The Hard-Worker: 


He had worked with Karl Pitterson(USA), the famed producer for Steel Pulse(UK), Peter McEvilley(ABC TV music library, USA), Brian Bonwell (Adam Sandler Music, Hollywood), Neil Perch (Germany Zion Train) Connis Vanterpool (Berklee graduate-producer-SXM) and vocal coaches in St. Marteen, London and Los Angeles to 

constantly update his craft. Studio work now takes up 75 % of his workload. Daddy Roots also organize and host the Daddy Roots & Pumphouse Music Festival raising scholarship funds for students pursuing music in Anguilla.


Latest projects:

DaddyRoots is signed with Wright Records, Orange County, California

Kids Album about to be released Summer 2014

Cover Album (including High & Dry) TBA 2014

“Long Road”, a song for charity for children with disabilities

Hosting and Organizing Daddy Roots & Pumphouse Music Festival in 

Anguilla, British West Indies Dec. 2014


Noteworthiness: Awards and Music Placements:


Nominated and won awards (Los Angeles Music Award, Hollywood Music and Media Award)

Major movie: "Just Go With It" - Adam Sandler, Jennifer Anniston

Major Movie: "Broken Flowers" - Bill Murray, Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange, Tilda Swindon, Cate Blanchett, Julia Defry

Independent Movie: "on Falling" by Peter McEvilley

TV shows: "Extreme Makeover", Lincoln Heights, Men in Trees, Fugitive

Games: Tap, Tap, Dance and Tap, Tap, Revenge

VoiceOver: Megtoys as Reggae Dude


CDs and Videos:

2002 Album Love and Honor - song Magar Goat placed in movie

2003  Album Are You Willing(Karl Pitterson) - song Sunshine nominated, song Weedy Wop won award

2004 music video Weedy Wop nominated by Australia MMA

2006 TEMPO music video - song Forever Mine

2008 song Make Love not War placed 2nd Australia MMA

2010 Album WHAT - song I need your Love nominated Hollywood HMMA

2013 single Radio Head Cover "High and Dry" - nominated Hollywood HMMA






 Daddy Roots vocals are used by Magic Soul Orchestra for their song "Compressor" which is in the hottest iphone game "Tap, Tap, Dance" purchased and downloaded over 3,000,000 times world-wide.



Talking about YouTube - Tap Tap Dance. Top of the world!